• with elderly people, people with pre-existing (lung-)conditions, everyone who is suffering from immunnodeficincy and everyone whose health is at risk
  • with everyone who is dealing with massive stress at their workplace due to the crisis (f.e. extra shifts)
  • with the people dealing with financial struggle because of losing their jobs
  • with everybody who are taking care of their kids and/or elderly or sick familymembers (most of them are women) paralell to their jobs
  • with every person who do not have access to medical care due to poverty or because of being homeless
  • with everyone who is increasingly exposed to racist attacs due to the situation
  • with all the people who are stuck in the camps at the EU borders under tremendous conditions and have no access to medical care

We want everyone to show it!

The corona crisis increases social injustice which also existed before. Thats because we’re living in a capitalist system. Within this system, goods are only produced if there are people who can afford them. Especially in the health care sector drastic consequences are shown.

We are fighting for a society where goods are produced matching the needs of the people instead of making profit out of it.

Governmental or public care facilities work just like an economic operation, like a business.

Thats why only people who can afford it have access to medical care, which leads to the situation where a big part of the care(-taking) work has to be done by familymembers. Due to sexist genderrolls that part is mostly done by woman.

The unequal genderrelations often lead to abusive or violent behavior of men towards woman. We are afraid that through the current situation domestic violence will increase.

The affected people have almost no chance of getting help because of the curfew.

We think that this is not aceptable! On one hand we are facing the curfew, on the other hand people have to keep working in non-relevant jobs to keep the profits and the national economic growth up. Thats pure hypocrisy!

The COVID-19 pandemic is nobodys fault. But the capitalist politics of the national states have favored the spread of the virus and stands in the way of effective measures against the virus (for example developing a vaccine).

We stand united against all the racist assholes, who are again blaming the “others” and attack our friends, our neighbors, anyone. Racism also shows his ugly face through the brutal foreclosure policy of the EU. At the moment, more than ten thousand people are stuck at the EU external border in greece with almost no access to mecidal care. It is a question of time,until the virus will spread there.

In conclusion: the circumstances have always been inhumane, the crisis makes it even more visible. It is up to us, the oppressed, to fight together and in solidarity for a better life for everyone.

  • a few anarchists from salzburg